The Great Taste Cafe is Closed – The Experiment is Over !!

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year already and we are now closing the Great Taste Cafe inside the River East Fitness Center. The idea was to take advantage of a low cost space and learn something about the mainstream health market.

All of our efforts, The Balanced Kitchen, Bot Bakery, and most recently the Great Taste Cafe, have have always focused on taste first, sustainability second, with the health benefits being implied.

We have learned something, people don’t have time, and they don’t have choices. They like to stay in their comfort zone.

There is one thing that quickly motivates people to come to us for answers and that is failing health. The Gluten-Free and Vegan Diet has been proven to be effective for reducing symptoms of many conditions. Our close proximity to Northwestern Hospital has made us recognize the importance of the anti-inflammatory diet for patients or all types. We are always looking for ways to continue to provide our products to the market.

BOT bakery products will still be available in retail locations including Green Grocer on West grand Ave.

Look for the BOT Bakery Facebook page.